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Scratch Resistance Coating

Usually most of the lenses are scratch resistance. All the lenses are scratch resistance, but not scratch proof. Most of the lens manufacturing companies provide an option to upgrade the scratch resistance coatings. Please ask your provider about an upgrade. It is special coating can be provided with an extra cost.

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Prescription Lenses

Most prescription lenses are coming with digital technology. The vision is digitally enhanced. It is available in Single vision, bifocals and progressives. The new technology provides a larger viewing area and sharpened colors.

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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses give freedom of vision. Cosmetically it enhances the looks. After getting a new prescription, patients need to get fitted, due to different curves of eyes and the new prescription. Most optical stores charge for the fitting fee once in life time. Fitting is usually comes with free trial pair.

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After getting the eye-examination, the doctor will provide you with a prescription if you are required. It is your right to keep the prescription. Any optical store can take a copy, if you are interested in purchasing any product from them. If not, you have the right to take your prescription since you have paid for it.

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Eye Examination

Eye-examination should be done within a year to two years by a licensed optometrist.

Since the OHIP doesn’t cover this medical expense, kids 19 and under are covered annually. Adults 65 and above are covered by the OHIP.

Diabetics and other eye-disorders are covered by OHIP.

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