[title text=”3 FOR 1″ style=”center”]

The 1st pair must be picked up from our designer section. Prescription lenses will be according to your prescription. This is the 1st pair you will be charged for.

The 2nd pair are free of cost, with a prescription single vision lenses from our in house designer selection.

The 3rd pair will be in-house non-prescription sunglasses. Free of charge. Only tax will be charge on the non- prescription sunglasses.

A Choice of upgrading your frames and lenses are available for fraction of the cost.

Please ask for details in the store.

[title text=”2 FOR 1″ style=”center”]

The 1st pair can be chosen from the designer section with that, the 2nd pair will be from our in-house designer selection for free, with the single vision lenses.

You will be charged for the first pair.

Upgrading options are available.

Please check details in the store.

[title text=”Kids Packages” style=”center”]

With the purchase of a new frame, Nikon lenses are available for the kids. Please check for prescription availability in the store. Astigmatism up to 2D is available.

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Everyday specials on Single vision, Bifocal with line, and Progressive lenses are available.

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Contact lenses for a yearly supply are offered at discounted prices.