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Eyeglass Display

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your Optometrist Available?

Optometrist is available on Tuesday and Thursdays by appointment. Please give a 24 hour notice for any cancellations. The optometrist will provide the full examination. It usually takes 20-30 minutes (in special cases , it may take longer).

Do You Do Direct Billing to Insurance Companies?

We do claim directly for your prescription glasses to Insurance companies. Some of the policies will not allow any optical provider to claim directly. We can always contact your insurance company with your permission to provide us the details.

How many days will it take for my glasses to be ready?

We can get the glasses ready within 5-7 working days or less. If the lenses are surfaced and custom, it takes a little longer than stock lenses. Some of the lenses come from Montreal, which will take extra time.

Do you repair glasses?

We do repairs in the store. We repair the temples, soldering in the store etc.
Nose pads for the glasses are replaced at the store as well.

How long does it take for frame adjustments?

Adjustments on your frames can be done while you wait. Sometimes if the frames has bend more than its usual shape. Then we need more time to adjust the frames.

My temple (arm on the frame) broke, is it covered under the warranty?

Most of the glasses are made with spring hinges, if you extend the temples more than the spring’s capacity it will break. The customers are not always aware of that. It usually happens after the repetition of the same usage on the frames. Most of the manufactures are considering this as an accidental breakage. This is not a defective product. So the company will not cover this under warranty. We will always try to find out from the company to extend the warranty. Please check the details in the store.

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