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In-Store Promotions



  • All 3 pairs are from our in-house brands

  • Choose the type of glasses for each pair:

    • Single vision for Distance

    • Single vision for Reading

    • Prescription Sunglasses

  • Choose the coating for each pair:

    • Anti-reflection​

    • UV protection

    • Tint

    • Blue-light protection

  • You may upgrade your frames & lenses for an additional charge, or customize coatings to best meet your needs.

Please see us in-person so we may personalize your selection with a deal that suits you best!



  • 1st pair

    • Can be chosen from our top-designer frames

  • 2nd pair

    • Will be from our in-house brands for an additional charge​

  • Upgrading options are available, so please see us in-store so we can meet all of your needs!


Kid's Packages

  • When purchasing a new frame, specialty lenses are available for kids.

    • We carry lots of companies with Myosmart lenses for myopia control including:

      • Hoya​

      • Essilor

      • Zeiss

  • Please check for prescription availability in-store.

  • Astigmatism up to 2D is available.

  • We have everyday specials available for Single vision, Bifocal with line, and Progressive lenses.

Please check for details in store!

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